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Stability and Trim (Maritime)

New Simulator Center of the Philippines, Inc 2053 Building, Edison Street, Makati City, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

The course provides basic training in Stability and Trim of ships giving emphasis on the calculations required for safe loading and operations of vessel to ensure sound ship stability and strength. This course shall provide ample instructions concerning applicable international regulations, codes and standards for safe handling and stowage and on the effects on trim and stability of cargoes and cargo operations.

Those successfully completing this course will thereby be able to: know the applicable rules and regulations concerning cargo handling and stowage? make calculations to ensure sound stability of ships using available ship's data? calculate draughts and trims accurately? understand the effect of shear force, bending moments and torsional moments to the strength of the ship? know and understand how to use such calculations in loading operations.

Program Type: Short Course
Course Outline

Teaching Aids:

Instructor's Manual, ADB and Relevant case studies

Entry Standards:

The course is open to those being trained to serve as masters and deck officers on ships with basic knowledge on draft reading and use of various ship's tables.

Certificate of Training:

On successful completion of the course, a certificate or diploma should be issued, attesting that the holder has successfully completed a course on Stability and Trim


5 days

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