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Automotive Servicing NC II

TESDA 37 East Service Rd., South Superhighway, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

The AUTOMOTIVE SERVICING NC II Qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to inspect, clean and repair mechanical or electrical parts, components, assemblies and sub-assemblies of light and heavy-duty automotive vehicle with diesel or gas engine in accordance with manufacturer’s specification. It also covers engine tune up for both diesel and gasoline; servicing of engine mechanical components such as cooling and lubricating system; performing power train and underchassis servicing.

Nominal Training Duration:

20 Hours  (Common Competencies)
486 Hours
(Core Competencies)

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills  and  attitudes of an individual  in  the field of  automotive servicing in accordance with industry standards. It covers specialized competencies such as; perform gas and diesel tune up, service automotive battery, service ignition system, Test and Repair Wiring/ Lighting System, Perform Under Chassis Preventive Maintenance, Perform Shop Maintenance, repair charging and starting system, service engine mechanical system, service and repair clutch system, service and repair differential and front axle, Service steering system, Overhaul Manual Transmission, Service Brake System, Repair Suspension System Repair Suspension System. It covers the basic, common and core competencies.


A person who has achieved this Qualification is competent to be:

  • Automotive Service Technician


Trainees or students should possess the following requirements:
  • can communicate both oral and written;
  • physically and mentally fit;
  • with good moral character; and
  • can perform basic mathematical computation.
Program Type: Short Course
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