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Speech Therapy

UG1-A The Palm Towers St. Paul Road., San Antonio Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines




The purpose of speech-language therapy is to enhance intentional communication via expression of ideas, obtaining desires, sharing information and interpersonal interaction.
Components of language include but are not limited to:
•        understanding/verbal expression
•        facial/manual gestures
•        tone of voice
•        body orientation

In order to use our language knowledge of content (vocabulary, concepts), form (how words are linked into phrases/sentences) and use (what the child wants to get from using his/her language) is necessary. Therefore, speech therapy focuses around teaching the child what he or she needs rather than the use of language for communication.


OBJECTIVE:                                                                             “TO AIM TOTAL COMMUNICATION”


Problem in the following areas:

  • Spoken language—delays and disorders in listening and speaking.
  • Written language—problems with reading, writing and spelling.
  • Arithmetic—trouble doing arithmetic or understanding basic concepts.
  •  Reasoning—problems organizing and putting together thoughts.
  • Memory—problems remembering facts and instructions.
  • Articulation - How sounds are made.
  • Voice - Use of the vocal cords and breathing to produce sound.
  • Fluency - The rhythm of speech (hesitations or stuttering can affect fluency).


Receptive disorders refer to difficulties understanding or processing language or speech sounds i.e. understanding the message coming from others

Expressive disorders include difficulty putting words together, having a limited vocabulary, or difficulty using language in a socially appropriate way.


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